The Resistance 35 Days
Before the next threat to our health arrives, learn
some breathing exercises to get your lungs working optimally

 Do you know how to do breathing exercises?

I am a Registered Yoga Therapist. Yoga is not about twisting yourself into knots, it is a complete system of wellness and includes some very effective breathing practices that will improve the health of your lungs.
This course will guide you through learning a structured series of breathing exercises to help you achieve precisely that goal.
To achieve a state of wellness, relaxation is also of great importance and we  incorporate relaxation practices along with many of the breathing practices.

As you work through these breathing exercises you will primarily be working the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles.  The abdominal muscles will also be getting a workout, so you will come out the other side looking toned & terrific!

At the end you of the course you will get two complete daily practices that use the breathing and relaxation practices you have learnt.
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In 14 sessions, you will learn breathing exercises to get your lungs working optimally:

- Slow & gentle breathing practices to build capacity, soften & strengthen the lungs.
- Slightly more vigorous breathing exercises to help clear out old toxins.
- Breathing practices that can assist to clear congestion.
- Slow breathing & awareness exercises to calm anxiety & reduce stress.
- Sending love to the lungs - sometimes we forget to do this!
- Some magical mindfulness & some bonuses for good health.

We start with the basics and build on that to keep improving the health of the lungs.  There's no time limit, it's great if you can do the sessions daily, but it's no problem if you want to do it more slowly.

At the end you of the course you will get two complete daily practices that use the breathing exercises you have learnt, to continue to keep your lungs healthy and keep stress under control.
The gentle practice included here is designed to be suitable for all, but please be kind to yourself.  If you feel any discomfort, simply stop and bring your breathing back to your normal relaxed breath.  
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!! start loving your lungs today with these easy-to-do practices !!
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